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To enquire about the availability of to photograph your Polo match(es) please ring 07989 343802 or email. The all-in cost (including travel to Ham Polo Club/Guards Polo Club/ Cowdray Park or Coworth Park) is a very reasonable 250 per match and includes digital editing and a CDROM with a licence to reproduce images. If you forgot to book and won your match CDROMS of matches covered are still  available @ 250 for full resolution images (average 40 - 50 images).

PRINTS: If website visitors wish to purchase full resolution prints of any matches covered, prints start at a very reasonable 35 per 10"x8" (approx) on an A4 (plus p&p @ 2.25), please email file number. Payments taken by PayPal.

Polo 2006

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All images Duncan Murray / 2006

Ham Polo Club Images, 40 Goal Polo 2006

Gold Cup 2006, Golden Jubilee Trophy 2006

Coronation Cup 2006, British Championship Finals 2006

Valerie Halford Memorial Trophy, Duke of Wellington Trophy

Kerry Packer Trophy Final and Subsidiary


All images Duncan Murray / 2006

All JPEG files are low resolution for accessibility reasons and to protect copyright.

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