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40 Goal Match in Aid of Andrew Seavill Benefit Fund

was held on Friday 23 June 2006 at Stedham, Nr Midhurst, W Sussex Photoscience.co.uk was there covering the match, along with 3000 spectators, and all I can say is...it was superb!!

Teams and players:-

Jaeger-Lecoultre (Black shirts, 40 Goal): 1. Adolfo Cambiaso, 2. Nachi Heguy, 3. Gonzalito Pieres, 4. Lolo Castagnola

Coombe Wines (White shirts, 40 Goal): 1. Facundo Pieres, 2. Bautista Heguy, 3. Miguel Novillo-Astrada, 4. Marcos Heguy

Umpires were Memo and Carlos Gracida, of Mexico, who are also 10 Goalers! For those who are wondering about the outcome...the Argentinians won...


Chukka 1, Black GP - White BH (pen); Chukka 2, Black 0 - White FP, MH, BH, MH; Chukka 3, Black LC, NH (pen), GP - White BH; Chukka 4, Black NH, AC, LC - White BH (pen) FP; Chukka 5, Black AC, NH - White BH (pen), FP; Chukka 6,  Black GP, GP, NH - White FP

Final Score: 12 - 11 (to the Jeager-Lecoultre Team, black shirts).

A DVD (from Blue Tuna TV) is available online through www.hurlinghammedia.com from 15 July 2006 all profits go to the Andrew Seavill Benefit Fund

The Pics...Go to the Gallery or ADSL connectors view the slideshow (pdf)

All images Duncan Murray /Photoscience.co.uk 2006

There was a social bit too!


    All images Duncan Murray /Photoscience.co.uk 2006

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