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 Home    Background    Commercial    Music/Theatre    Polo    Portraits    Weddings are pleased to launch their website design service for micro and small businesses - i.e. the self-employed who need to create a web presence but don't have the time, software or perhaps the knowledge. A website presence is becoming even more essential in giving you a wide market exposure at a low cost - more and more people are turning to the web to find services in their local area. For micro-businesses finding a provider of website design and hosting services who will do it at a price that fits the budget is even more important.

This website design service starts at JUST 100 (plus website name rental) for a single page and 75 for each additional page; which includes basic Search Engine Optimisation - (SEO) that is writing the code for Search Engines to rank your site, list your site in relevant places and point people to it - there is no point in a firm of Painters and Decorators based in Hampshire who provide a county-wide service turning up in searches based around New Hampshire (USA) or in Liverpool! will also include up to 10 email addresses of web-mail, an enquiry form, hit counter and even host the site for free!

Our annual costs are 40 for management including some SEO updating,  with extra costs of 5 per pdf file update/photo update and 30 per page update/rewrite.

And don't forget that a picture is worth a thousand words...if you need images for your new website and is doing the design work for you - we'll even throw in a 10% discount off our very reasonably priced professional photography costs!

Apart from the content of this website, with its multitude of galleries, slideshows,  portal pages and sitemap, has designed and manages other websites for micro-businesses including:


http// and




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 Home    Background    Commercial    Music/Theatre    Polo    Portraits    Weddings

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