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My formal study in photography was in the science of photography and in my final year I specialised in what is called Applied Photography i.e. the application of scientific principles to photography and the use of photography to produce scientific data/measurements. I also create derivative images and 'Art-Photography'. Thus my trading name and the strap line of 'Through Science - Art'.

I have over 16 years experience post graduate as a photographer.

My images are taken in both digital format and in traditional film stock - having achieved a B.Sc. Hons (2:1) in Photographic and Electronic Imaging Sciences at the (then) Polytechnic of Central London, now The University of Westminster. I have a firm belief in getting the technical stuff right first and then being creative. I was a finalist in the prestigious Agfa Professional Photographer Awards as well as being an Agfa Bursary Award Winner in my final year at college. I specialise in location work, bringing my tools to the subject and making creative use of light.

Personally I feel that you have to let your pictures do the talking, it’s all about making sure your approach fits with the clients.  I feel that there is no point in shooting something a bit off the wall if the client wants a relatively straight but interesting shot.

My preferences are to work with the client to a clear brief, although when it comes to action shots with bands it’s the music they play that influences the style. I particularly like black and white for the simple reason that we see in colour all the time, we think in colour. It is only when you look at monochrome images that we start to explore the picture rather than just be a passive viewer. During my training there were many technical things we had  needed  to  photograph  as  part  of   the  degree course. Believe it or not we photographed the temperature variation of a candle flame, did photography in cathedrals without any extra light to ensure that by understanding film and manipulating it in exposure and development we captured the brightest highlights and details from the deepest shadows. After successfully completing my degree course I assisted a top PR photographer, in Surrey, as his printer and with his studio work. 

I don't always work with available light. I have worked extensively in studios photographing Teddy Bears, catering equipment, ICT products and lasers and of course people. I really enjoyed photographing Teddy Bears are great fun as they have massive character and need to be treated delicately, especially when they are worth several hundreds of pounds each. However these days I far prefer location and 'Table-top' work as it keeps the costs down for  everyone. And how do I feel about the digital revolution? - It’s a wonderful thing and finally at a quality level that means that it is 'as good as film stock'. The great thing about it is that your turnaround time for customers is so much faster - if necessary you can shoot the images, edit as required and give your client the finished product immediately - that it also allows you to work closer with your clients to ensure that they are happy with what you are shooting  that your lighting, style and approach fits with the brief. I am also a firm believer in the 35mm format, I have photographed with 10x8 and 5x4 plate film, all the medium formats and 35mm and I have to say that there is no beating it for most subjects.

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