Ham Polo Club 2007

Pictures and match reports

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All images/copy Duncan Murray/ Photoscience.co.uk 2007

Okay, so the picture this year is Glen Gilmore - a tritone derivative - please note the red polo helmet - his trademark - and what's more the image was taken this weekend (5 August at Ham) - during the Dubai Trophy Finals . It was also a worthy final - excellent free-flowing Polo - a good return of Medium Goal Polo to the London Polo Club. Photoscience.co.uk will be bringing you more images from this friendly club - only 8 miles from Hyde Park Corner - go to their website - www.hampoloclub.com for more information. If you go to Ham - please remember that Polo is an aggressive - physical sport and PLEASE keep children well away from the field of play - a horse at full gallop travels at 38 mph!!!

Matches covered:

Sunday 5 August:

Dubai Trophy Finals; and club matches (Puesto Viejo v Alfred Franks and Bartlett - plus Club American Tournament Cossacks /Libertine/Ojo de Agua

Sunday 12 August

Summer Tournament Finals  - The Rosie Adams Bowl:- Los Dientes (3 goal) v Pantera (4  goal) and the Edward Tauchert Bowl

Sunday 19 August

Just one Pic sums it up!